life at saint gianna & Pietro molla maternity home

At SGPM Maternity Home, our mission is one mother, one baby, one family at a time. This mission is intrinsically ingrained into our daily lives here at the Home. We live essentially as a family. Our work is more about quality than quantity. We strive to give mothers and their little ones the best care possible to enable them to build a brighter future. SGPM is not a shelter, but a Home for mothers who seek refuge.

We welcome all mothers at any stage in pregnancy to work and live together with us in a faith-filled home. Many of our mothers work on their education while also learning what to expect both during their pregnancy and after, through pre-natal and parenting classes that we provide. The Home is very much a family-oriented atmosphere. We prepare and eat our meals together, work on the upkeep of the home, and also celebrate birthdays and holidays together. There are also many fun-filled joyous times as well, such as bonfires, playing games, watching movies, exercising, and going on walks together.

An unexpected pregnancy is often a challenging time in a woman's life. Here at the Home, we support and walk with these mothers throughout their journeys and equip them with the necessary tools to grow both spiritually and emotionally. We allow the women to make important life decisions and establish many new healthy relationships so that when they leave the Home, both they and their child(ren) are able to continue a healthy, stable, and fruitful life.

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