Book Correction

Saint Gianna and Pietro Molla Maternity Home:
A Story of Faith, Hope, and Joy

We apologize for a mistake in our 20th anniversary book that was recently published (March 2024). On page 12, it states that Saint Gianna had cancer while pregnant with her last child.

In fact, her diagnosis was not cancer. At the end of Saint Gianna’s second month of pregnancy, she was diagnosed with a huge fibromyoma (fibroid), a benign tumor, in her uterus.

SGPM Maternity Home

20th anniversary celebration

It is with great joy that we share with you the planned celebrations of this blessed anniversary year!

July 8th

Our final 20th anniversary year event –All men are encouraged to attend our Men's Evening: Role of Men in the Family and in Society in our Home's Visitation Chapel in Warsaw. Mass at 5:30 pm with Fr. Joseph will be followed by a cook-out and fellowship. RSVP requested, no charge to attend


We are so grateful for all who have joined us throughout this 20th anniversary year. It has been such a special year with many joyous occasions. We are beyond blessed to have the support of such generous people like you. Continue on the journey with us for the next 20 years of loving life!

SGPM Maternity Home

Canticle of Praise Banquet
Tuesday, April 16th

We extend our deepest gratitude to all who celebrated with us at our Canticle of Praise Mass & Banquet. A special thanks to all who have been involved in any way, shape, or form with our Home in the last 20 years. We wouldn't be here today without you.

Author | Roxane Salonen

‘St. Gianna Is Very Close to Our Hearts’: Lives Changed Through Saint’s Intercession

Our 20th anniversary Mass and banquet unveiled many beautiful testimonies. Read more.

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20th anniversary details

Learn more details about our 20th anniversary as a maternity home - a year of celebration!
SGPM Maternity Home

Kick-off event on August 19th, 2023

It was a beautiful, blessed day of celebrating 20 years.

Event calendar 2023-2024

Save our calendar of events for a quick reference. Choose from several opportunities to celebrate with us! (All dates and times are subject to change.)