SGPM Maternity Home

About us

Who do we serve?

Any pregnant woman of any age who is experiencing a crisis pregnancy - seeking safe shelter, food, clothing, education, and counseling. These women need emotional, physical, and spiritual support.

Why do we serve?

Because we believe in our home's mission -- that every unborn child is a gift from God and has a right to life, and that every pregnant woman has the right to give birth with dignity.

Where do we serve?

Our Home is nestled in the peaceful and beautiful Red River Valley in Warsaw, North Dakota. An oasis, a quiet and humble abode.

We are here for you.
Welcome to your safe haven.

Family-type home environment

Saint Gianna & Pietro Molla Maternity Home provides spacious and sunny bedrooms and bathrooms for expectant mothers and their children, a bright and inviting dining and kitchen area, warm and inviting living areas, and a beautiful chapel for quiet reflection. The Home offers community living which fosters healthy relationships among staff and residents. We also provide educational opportunities including the chance to learn job skills and parenting skills.

Safe space for mothers and their children

The Saint Gianna & Pietro Molla Maternity Home's staff welcomes and stands by all mothers so that they can find the right solutions for themselves and their children in a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment. The needs of the pregnant mom and child come first. We assist with finding a medical doctor and provide the necessary resources for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of each woman and child.

Spiritual nourishment

It is the mission of this Home to bring the love of Christ to all women who come here. Many mothers who arrive on the doorstep come having experienced fear, rejection, and loneliness. It is the purpose of our apostolate to bring these mothers the love of Christ and the joy of experiencing that love. With God's grace, good things can come from even the most difficult situations. Women of all faiths are welcome.

SGPM Maternity Home

Uplifting and upholding women, children, and families at every stage of life

Our home cares for pregnant women in their greatest time of need. God's blessings abound, even in the the most difficult situations.

Saint Gianna & Pietro Molla family

We love as a family. We care as a family. We grow as a family. We go on adventures as a family.