HB 1176
New Tax Law in ND

This law can be a game changer for prolife organizations that support women, babies, children, and families during a crisis pregnancy or the adoption process.
Starting in 2023, for the first time ever, North Dakota is offering a 100% tax credit on donations to pregnancy help centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes in North Dakota like our Home. This is not merely a deduction or a partial credit like those offered in the past but a full credit for donations to our Home.
The available credit to the tax payer for donations to our home is half of the total amount of North Dakota income taxes that the tax payer owes or $2,500, whichever is lower. Up to that limit, any amount that the tax payer sends in donations to our Home this year can reduce the taxes that are owed by that amount. This credit is also available to businesses, trusts, and estates.
Please contact your accountant if you questions regarding HB 1176.

Tax Credit Century Code Language

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